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The Tea School

The Tea SchoolGiven the complexity of their profession, expert tea tasters fascinate us with their individual talent and wealth of experience.

Nevertheless, appreciating the subtlety of a green tea from China, comparing two Darjeelings plucked within days of one another and evaluating the climatic conditions under which a given tea has been grown are not inaccessible goals.

In our cultures, our sense of smell and taste are required relatively rarely and are therefore barely developed. However, when we start to learn more about tea, training ourselves to smell and taste, our senses are capable of making rapid and spectacular progress... procuring unrivalled tea-drinking pleasure!

With The Tea School, Palais des Thés proposes an initiation into the art of tasting. Guided by our experts, you too can become a veritable connoisseur, capable of appreciating the slightest nuance of a grand cru and recognising the simplicity of mass-produced teas.

Our Tea School programme consists of two approaches:

•    four tasting initiation modules, taking you on a chronological journey, best followed from start to finish,

•    a series of varying levels of training sessions which are developed in accordance with the seasons, new arrivals and your personal preferences.

Since tea also opens doors to the people and cultures of the world, The Tea School will allow you to meet other tea enthusiasts and participate in tea ceremonies, as well as discovering the art and civilisations linked to this wonderful beverage. You will even have access to recipes and advice from top chefs who use tea in their cuisine.

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