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4 free samples & We ship all over the world
We ship all over the world
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François-Xavier DelmasPalais des Thés began life when a group of around fifty tea enthusiasts decided to create their own company. In order to guarantee the freshness and quality of their teas, they decided that they themselves would travel to the growing regions to buy their supplies.

Through their regular visits to the tea estates, our people have gained knowledge of local working conditions, farming methods and health and safety standards, and can therefore oversee these aspects. 
They have also met men and women who work in the tea industry and have discovered the rich cultures that this drink inspires. 
Our demanding, humanist spirit still motivates us today. Throughout the year, we travel the world looking for the best pluckings and new, rare, delicious teas. 

By visiting tea estates regularly and thereby establishing long-lasting relations with our suppliers, we are continuing our mission: to bring you the best quality teas and to share our travels and experience with you, while concerning ourselves with environmental issues, working conditions on the estates and the fair trade practices to which we adhere. 

With Palais des Thés, we invite you to discover the cultures of the world...

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